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Based on Alexandre Dumas' epic masterpiece, the award-winning Best Musical, The Count of Monte Cristo is a story about fate, power, and one man’s quest for vengeance.

Edmond Dantes is a young sailor who wants nothing more than to marry his love Mercedes and live a quiet life. But, that life is shattered when Edmond is wrongly accused of treason by three men: one who wants his job, one who wants his fiancé, and one who just wants to further his own political career. After years locked away in prison, where he’s mentored by a fellow prisoner, Edmond escapes. Now, with the help of a great fortune, cunning allies, and a brilliant scheme, Edmond assumes a new identity—the Count of Monte Cristo—and he won’t rest until the score has been settled.

The Count of Monte Cristo Musical, Dennin, Tafone
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